Jenny Blount

Adoption changed me; the years of waiting, the months of paperwork, the hours of praying, the ever-increasing desire to be a mother. In many ways, it broke me. But more than that, it restored me. During those years of waiting, God drew near to me in my brokenness. He taught me deeply about the gift of the Holy Spirit, the beauty of persistent prayer, and the unimaginable joy of seeing God be faithful to His promises. But God, being the God that He is, didn’t just answer my waiting with the birth of my beautiful daughter; He also answered with the birth of a deeper faith and a desire for new ministry.

The sleepless nights that came along with my new little one, were some of the most special in my life. As I held her in my arms, rocking her to sleep, and thanking God for His grace to me, I felt a deep stirring. I felt a calling to two, seemingly unrelated things: to share the gospel in a community full of churches, but not full of Christians and to love and care for children who would never have anyone call them son or daughter. I don’t have any glamorous gifts, no great speaking talents, no real connections, and I began to wonder if God could really use me to do what seemed like such a large task.

Eventually, the call became too burdensome to ignore and I realized it had become less about if God could use me and more about if I would surrender and allow Him to do the work. I never thought my surrender would come in the form of a Mother- Daughter Princess Tea, but it did. In its first year, the Tea raised enough money to send 18 children at Eagle’s Nest Children Home to school for an entire year. As my family and friends joined in on the project, all of us with the goal of making a way for these kids, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of community.  In these moments, I saw how God’s callings for me weren’t unrelated after all.

So here we are “building a community that builds communities”. We want more than anything for you to join this calling with us. It is going to be an adventure, but one where we believe we will see the goodness of God, the beauty of community, and His love for the orphan.

Tyler Blount

I never thought I would be here! Growing up with Cystic Fibrosis, you never really know how much time you will have on earth. It’s hard balancing the statistics you hear of life expectancy with the positivity friends and family provide. Life sure has been a rollercoaster and I’m so glad to still be on the ride!

I thought the hardest things I would have to deal with in life would be physical. But as I grew in age I also grew in faith. And one thing I have found is that as you grow in faith, God begins to stretch you in new ways. Sometimes  these ways are subtle, and sometimes they are like a hurricane.

Adoption was never really on my radar. Sure I knew that If God allowed me to live long enough that one day I would want a family. But I never really sat down and thought “Adoption would be really awesome.” Instead, like most people, I just kind of had a vague idea of what a family would be like. The traditional family that is, much like the one I saw modeled in my own home. And while there is nothing wrong with that, God had other plans for my life.

God began to lay on our hearts the need and the desire for adoption. So we pursued that calling. And once we adopted our beautiful girl, I thought “We did it God! We have done what you  have called us to do.” But like God often does, He takes a dream that He has given you further than you can imagine. And I couldn’t be more thankful. After our adoption He continued to burden me with a desire to help orphans. Orphans in my home state, in my country, and ultimately all over the world. And my wife and I followed step by step where He was leading, He grew a passion that was so big that we knew we couldn’t follow His calling alone! And that’s where you come in!! Orphan Door is a place to connect people passionate about caring for the orphan with opportunities to realize that passion in a God centered, God ordained way!