I always knew. Growing up, nurturing came naturally to me. I remember stories my mom would recount to me of times when I would crawl into my little sisters crib just to snuggle with her. We were five years apart and she was like my very own living baby doll.

In later years, I became a regular babysitter for several families. Often times I would even travel with them on vacations, but mostly I was just involved in their day to day- helping them with school work, making their meals, laying them to sleep at night. And in these moments I would think to myself, I was meant to be a mother.

One family in particular had a profound impact on my life.  They were the first family I saw walk through the adoption process. I saw them experience the hard parts, the long waiting, and then the joyous moment of finally seeing their daughter for the first time and welcoming her into the family. And it was in this moment that I thought to myself, I was meant to be an adoptive mother.

I kept this calling close to my heart and continued throughout life. But God had subtle ways of continuing to prepare me. During college I worked at a Children’s Home. It was a hard place to work, seeing all that these children faced and all that they had to overcome. But it was also a place where I clearly saw the Lord at work, binding up the brokenhearted and setting the lonely in families. Just as God planned, it was here that I would also meet my husband. A man who also had a clear passion for encouraging and discipling children.  A year or so after we married, my husband and I took our first mission trip together to Eagle’s Nest Children’s Home in Guatemala. It was then that we fell in love with this place, these children, and it is what brings us back year after year.

Then the calling came and it was clear. After welcoming two beautiful boys into our family, God was ready for us to pursue adoption. To see a dream, 20 years in the making, come to life in the eyes of my precious daughter has been a treasure. Through our journey, God taught me about adoption and exposed me to the needs of the orphan, but He also taught me about my own adoption. Seeing our daughter for the first time and feeling such tremendous love for her reminded me of just how God feels about me. When Grace was given to us, she received all the rights and privileges of being in our family. When we accept Christ as our Savior, we enter into the family of God and enjoy all the privileges of that relationship. We are heirs of the King of Kings! Knowing this and experiencing it first hand, reminds me to have great confidence and desire to walk forward in the calling He lays on our heart.

While I hope we adopt again, I also know that that there are so many children who are longing for the love of a family but unadoptable by law. It’s my prayer that The Orphan Door isn’t just a non-profit, but a family that reaches out to these children and loves them like the Father loves us.