In 2012, my husband and I traveled on a mission trip to Guatemala and worked with a people that I fell in love with and wanted to serve in a long term way. We visited an orphanage during our trip and there we learned that adoptions were closed. My heart broke. Looking around at these beautiful children and not being able to do anything made me feel helpless. I wanted love and justice for them.

The call to actually “do something” started in the Spring of 2016. Not being able to shake the desire for God to use me more and in whatever ways He desired led to a prayer of saying “Yes!” to whatever He asked of me. Around that time, Jenny and I were catching up on life and her ministry, The Orphan Door. Following our phone call, in my time of prayer,  it became increasingly obvious that my privilege as a follower of Christ was to love and care for the orphan. James 1:27 “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” I felt the prompting to help in any way possible that would most care and bless the lives of the sweet children at Eagle’s Nest. Jen and I believed the greatest way to impact their lives was to take the chance at hosting another Tea in Conway, AR, where the Lord had called our family to a few years earlier to advance the Kingdom of God through church planting. We have 2 beautiful children that I get to love and watch grow, and what a joy that is! But, it hurts my heart to know that sweet babies all over the world who deserve love, may not be getting it for numerous reason. But, I can do my part. I can help by hosting a Mother Daughter Princess Tea, which will raise money for caregivers at Eagles Nest, and by committing to pray for these children regularly. The ability to be part of this team is such an honor and is so humbling. I am full of gratitude to know the good work this organization does and will continue to do.