This is how my journey started…

I took my daughter Lauren to a princess tea that a college “tribe” mate, Jenny, put on to help raise money for The Orphan Door.  It is an organization founded by Jenny to help send children to school at an orphanage in Guatemala called The Eagle’s Nest.  Little did I know God would be placing this organization in front of me numerous times in the months to come.  I reached out to Jenny interested in being involved because God was whispering for me to.  She responded saying they were getting together a medical mission trip if I was interested in going.  Well it just so happens that I’m a nurse…  Ok God, I’m listening. 

I begin to pray for direction and meaning to this repetition of everyday life.  I wanted to find true fulfillment.  Is this something you want me to do God?  He had already been speaking to my heart about orphan care.  I didn’t know if this meant adoption, which I’ve always wanted to do, or something else.  

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  Matthew‬ ‭7:7‬ 

It seems as if I have read this verse a million times but during a sermon last fall God attuned my ears to it. Ok God… I will knock but if the door doesn’t open I’m leaving.  I decided to go to the interest meeting for the trip.   Sitting around the table I realized I knew no one, except Jenny.  Everything seemed overwhelming and WAY out of my comfort zone.  Then Jenny prayed.  God spoke through her letting me know he had me there for His purpose.  

Over the next several months leading up to the trip, Satan fought hard to keep me from taking that step of faith.  Up until the night before I left, I honestly considered bailing on the trip.  I cried putting both of my girls to bed knowing that I wouldn’t see them for 7 days and Satan had  placed so much fear in my head that I wondered if It would be my last time seeing them.  Crazy I know…  My heart ached but I knew if I didn’t go now I may miss my mountain top experience.  

After arriving at The Eagle’s Nest and meeting our “team” we felt like family just after a few hours together!  God put this team together for a reason.  He took away all my fear and doubt.  I was assigned to help with the medical assessments of the babies!  Yay!  Since I knew nothing in Spanish this was even better because there would be no language barrier!  Meeting all the kids and hearing their stories was life changing.  I fell in love with every one of them!  Two of the baby boys stole my heart!  I cry thinking that when I go back they will be walking!  

Richard Foster says in his book, Celebration of Discipline, “Of all the classical Spiritual Disciplines, service is the most conducive to the growth of humility. When we set out on a consciously chosen course of action that accents the good of others and is, for the most part, a hidden work, a deep change occurs in our spirits.” (From Enjoying Jesus study by Jennie Allen)

A deep change occurred indeed.  I am still working through all of it day by day.  Our next trip can’t come fast enough!  Through all of this I’ve come to realize that real life begins outside my comfort zone.  

“Serving others reminds us that our value lies not in our human status but in our relationship to God. We are His, and serving teaches us that that is enough.”  Jennie Allen 

Mary 🙂