Weeks leading up to my trip I was thrown into the most broken place I have mentally and physically ever been in. I was battling anxiety along with panic attacks. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I literally felt like I was going out-of-my-mind. The attacks kept coming in the strangest most possible ways. All I could do was cry out to God. I just wanted to be “normal” again. Every ounce of me needed every ounce of Him. It was in the breaking that I realized God was building me new.

Once I returned from Guatemala I sensed that I needed the trip more than the trip needed me. It was a medical mission trip and I have zero experience in the medical field! I knew the Lord had to get me to a place, out of my comfort zone, where I had no control- so that I could see His power and faithfulness. I saw God move in ways that brought tears of faithfulness to my eyes. The way He bonded and built our team absolutely blew my mind. A group of (almost) complete strangers formed together into a sweet family. God renewed passion inside me, He broke me to build me up, He redeemed fearful worries and turned them into beautiful moments. He also lit a fire inside me to serve and do all that I can for the people that He placed in my heart at The Eagles Nest.

I am ever so grateful for the friendship I have with Jenny Blount. God brought us together in one of my hardest seasons and she was one of the biggest blessings that came out of that. Her courage to follow her dreams and allow God to use her is so inspiring. I am eternally honored to stand and serve alongside her.