If you’re anything like me than your tolerance for change is pretty low.  Shout out to all you A-type personalities!

And now that I have a little one, I see how easy it is for me to get into a routine that works and stick with it. Certainly not all of this is a bad thing! But for me, if I am not careful, this idea of routine can easily become more like complacency. It becomes about my comfort. Anyone else?

My husband and I were recently talking about this as we venture to become better laborers for the kingdom, while also raising a little one to be the same. And for us, we started to see that sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest differences.  Each small choice concerning our time, our finances, and our relationships have a compound effect.

This month’s Threshold Project is two-fold:

  • The first part of it is pretty simple: collect change. Set out a jar in your home or maybe several. We have a jar for each person in the family. As we have spare change we add it to the jar. Other times, we make a conscious decision to add money to the jar. Our daughter is still very young, but we try our best to communicate to her that every piece of change matters.
  • But the second part is the deeper part: spend some time this month as a family thinking about what changes in your life need to be made. Where is God calling you to change? What small choices can you make that are going to increase your effectiveness in the harvest fields?
  • Need a reminder of your calling to be a laborer? Print off this month’s printable and hang it in a visible place in your home as a constant reminder.

At the end of the month, roll all your coins, cash them in, and mail them to us! If you can’t roll them, no worries, we will! All of the money raised will go to help us reaching our goal of sending all of the kiddos at Eagle’s Nest to school for the entire year!